1. #motifoftheday


  2. #motifoftheday


  3. So, I’ve got a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit of some trust issues and I’m afraid to be disappointed


  4. braved:

    lil dude goes in for a 3rd brain surgery tomorrow morning because the pressure in his skull just won’t ease up. and because life is unfair. and scary. and makes me hate everything. that is, until, moments like the one today, when he woke up for a moment from a drug-induced sleep to tell me he was going to be a doctor. okay, james. deal. i’ll love every millisecond of life. you be in it.

    friends. i need to raise more money :( stayclassy.org/jamesmichael



  6. "Any blessing we don’t turn back to praise turns into pride."
    — Craig Groeschel   (via thunderpopcola)

    (Source: wp.me, via thunderpopcola)


  7. So, it’s February. I’m sort of freaking out. 

    February reminds me that:

    1. I’m turning 21,
    2. I should already be gathering data for my thesis,
    3. I only have around 2 months left of college, and 
    4. I’m about to enter the real-er world.

    Oh. My. Goodness. 

    Can you feel the pressure? Lol. 


  8. Weird Dream #4

    My dad was too busy playing games on his iPad even if he was behind the wheel. I end up driving all the way to what I knew was our home, even though it looked nothing like it. I drove into the kitchen, through the dining room and living room and I park there. 


  9. Weird Dream #3

    We arrive at Banahaw and proceed to our rooms to leave our things there.

    To my surprise, accommodations are great! It was like we were at a beach resort! 


    That’s all I remember. I’ve been worried about the field trip we’re going to have for PI 100. 


  10. image

    No room on my bed for me to sleep. 

    The couch it is!